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A message from the head teacher

Dear Parent /Guardian

Hafez Persian School is a vibrant, friendly and forward-looking organisation which aims to meet the future needs of our children and the world they inhabit. We currently have 100 students from a variety of backgrounds. There has been tremendous development in the past ninteen years and I am delighted to present the good work that we have done throughout the Surrey area.

Learning a different language is a brilliant skill for life. Children have a natural interest about learning new stuff. They enjoy copying and mirroring everything that is happening around them. Therefore the early age and childhood is the best time to learn a language because the 'learning' can be done in a non-formal way, without them even realising that they are actually learning! It presents a fun opportunity to understand different cultures and opens up a world of experiences for a child.

Learning to communicate effectively in another language has been shown to boost children's confidence and self-assertiveness. Understanding the construction of foreign text makes children think more about their native language, its grammar and sentence structure, as children use the knowledge they've learnt in one language to reinforce the other. Children often build on their vocabulary in their native tongue, too.

At Hafez Persian School we are building a family at the heart of everything we do. We create fun, enjoyable and exciting activities in different method. We use remarkable teaching techniques to enhance our pupil’s skill in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The Persian Language is one of the languages that have been taught during the last 19 years. We encourage children to sit exams up to the standard GCSE and Advanced level with the OCR examination board.

One of our strength is the partnership we enjoy with parents. We feel that it is very important for families to work closely with the teachers and that they are able to build a sense of trust and confidence between them.

I am sure your sons and daughters will enjoy being part of the Hafez Persian School. On behalf of my colleagues, I am pleased to invite you to get to know us better as we embark on a partnership to enhance the education of your children.

This website has been produced as an easy reference point for current information about the school activities. I hope you will find this website helpful.

Nazanin Abolkheriyan

Head teacher

Nazanin Abolkheriyan
All Teacher