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Kimia's Competition

In 2012, Kimia's parents brought Kimia to Hafez Persian school for the first time to learn her mother tongue language Farsi. I remember at first, she was very shy and was hiding behind her mother but gradually she got to know her classmates and made her way through & mixed with other children.

Kimia's humour, positive attitude and beautiful smile are what I will always remember most about her.

She was intelligent, artistic, sporty and had very kind and caring personality. Since I met her, she became such an incredible young girl within those years that I knew her.

Kimia was one of those students who had so much potential in front of her. What I learned about Kimia’s life is that life can be so precious and you never know when is going to end. So, I would like to share what I learned about how we can move forward with kindness and use the experience to become better and wiser human beings, full of love, light and passion.

It is very important to realise that although Kimia is not physically with us anymore but the dream she had, the goals that she was working towards, doesn’t just die with her and it could be recreated through us and it is up to us to become that legacy of her. So we should think about what it was about her that we admired.

She had a strong personality and a very caring attitude towards others in her class or the little new comers in the school.

So my message to all other students is to think about what Kimia’s best qualities were and how we can apply them in our lives. Kimia is gone but her wishes and dreams live on and we can choose to honour them in every moment, apply the lesson she left behind and use them to move forward.

Kimia is a special soul. Her little life will be a memory of nothing but love, innocence and purity.

Simply, we love her. We always did and always will.

Thank you

Nazanin Abolkheriyan

Kimia’s Prize

Kimia always liked to help charities and thought of children in need. To celebrate her life and keep her memories in our mind we will have an essay competition every year in April and will present the prizes in May. Please see the details below and if you would like to take part in this competition please email your essay to:

Subject: How can children in need around the world be helped and supported?

Starting date: 15th April 2019

Closing date: 10th May 2019

Prize giving: 18th May 2019

Prizes are:

8 -12 years old £50

13 – 15 years old £50

16 – 18 years old £50

جایزه ی کیمیا

قابل توجه عزیزان دانش آموز فارسی زبان در سراسر دنیا

اولین دوره ی جایزه ی کیمیا در تاریخ پانزدهم آوریل ۲۰۱۹ میلادی برگزار خواهد شد.

کیمیا محمدی نسب از پدر و مادری ایرانی در سال ۱۳۸۷ شمسی (۲۰۰۶ میلادی) در لندن متولّد شد. کیمیا‌ در لندن زندگی می‌کرد و به طور منظّم به همراه والدینش به ایران سفر می کرد و با آداب و رسوم سرزمین مادریش "ایران" آشنا بود.

کیمیا تحصیلاتش را تا کلاس پنجم در مدرسه ابتدایی (Sutton High ) و تحصیلات زبان فارسی را در مدرسه ی فارسی آموزی حافظ در لندن ادامه داد تا این که ناگهان دچار یک بیماری جدّی شد و مشیّت الهی بر این قرار گرفت تا او در ده سالگی به جوار خداوند پرواز کند.

کیمیا علاقه زیادی به کمک کردن به کودکان محروم و نیازمند در سرتاسر جهان از جمله کودکان آفریقا داشت. بر همین اساس سوال اوّلین مسابقه کیمیا به شرح زیر خواهد بود:

" به نظر شما بهترین راه کمک به کودکان نیازمند در سرتاسر جهان چیست؟ "

همه ی فارسی زبانان بین ۸ تا ۱۸ سال در هر جای دنیا می‌توانند در این مسابقه شرکت کنند.

لطفا پاسخ خود را حداکثر در صد و پنجاه کلمه بنویسید و به آدرس زیر ایمیل کنید:

میزان جایزه :

۵۰ پوند برای نفر اول دوره ی سنی ۸ تا ١٢

۵۰ پوند برای نفر اول دوره ی سنی ١۳ تا ۱۵

۵۰ پوند برای نفر اول دوره ی سنی ۱۶ تا ۱۸

همچنین به بهترین‌‌‌ هر گروه سنی ازهشت سال تا ۱۸ سال یک لوح تقدیر نیز اعطا خواهد شد.

تاریخ شروع مسابقه: پانزدهم آوریل ۲۰۱۹

تاریخ اتمام مسابقه: دهم می ۲۰۱۹

تاریخ اعلام نتیجه: پانزدهم می ۲۰۱۹

تاریخ اهدای جوایز: هیجدهم می ۲۰۱۹