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About us

Welcome to
The Hafez Persian School

Hafez Persian School is a vibrant, friendly and forward-looking independent organisation which aims to meet the future needs of the children and the world they inhabit. We currently have 100 students from a variety of backgrounds.

At Hafez Persian School we are building a family at the heart of everything we do. We create fun, enjoyable and exciting activities in different method. We use remarkable teaching techniques to enhance our pupil’s skill in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The Persian Language is one of the languages that have been taught during the last 19 years. We encourage children to sit Persian exams up to the standard GCSE and Advanced level with the OCR examination board.

What we offer?

Persian classes (writing, reading, speaking, listening)

Conversation ONLY class and writing practice ONLY class

Persian Dance

Dance and fitness for ladies

Tasnif khani – Avaz

Music lesson – Zarb & Setar

All lessons are 2 hours long with 15 minutes break every Saturday in small group. We also provide one hour of extra practice lesson for improving vocabulary, reading and writing skills as well as one hour ONLY conversation class for those who are not very comfortable with their speaking and need more practice.

The rest of the students attend Persian dance and music lesson. Every year we have a project for each term which is all aimed based on the Shahnameh from Hakim Abolghasem Ferdosi or stories from Farid din Attar. We have completed the following stories in the form of storytelling, art and craft. Dance and musical show in the past years. The stories such as; Rostam and Sohrab, Sohrab and Gordafaris, Zal va simorghfrom Shahnameh as well as the conference of the birds from Attar.

The teaching of languages aims to develop an awareness and understanding of the culture alongside of the language and to provide the learners with an enriching, pleasurable and ‘quality’ experience.

Staff, volunteers and the management team meet regularly to discuss the progress of these courses and to plan and develop the work to be covered for the future.

The School Head will be responsible for the programmes of study and budgeting. The whole school members and volunteers work together as a team, sharing ideas, experience and expertise.

Aims of the School

The aims are:

To provide opportunities to learn Persian language up to A Level. These classes will help children and young people to communicate in Persian language with their families and friends and increase their awareness of this cultures.


  • Develop learner’s awareness of the Persian (Farsi) language and culture.
  • To offer a non-religious and non-political sessions to all participating learners.
  • Provide facility for the British- Persian learners in and around the borough with a service to develop their culture awareness.
  • Help learners to promote their identities within main societies.
  • To ultimately prepare the learners for GCSE or A level exams offered by external examination boards.